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SHower cabins

Yassin Glass company makes shower cabins in different shapes and designs that take into consideration their consistency with the design of the bathroom due to the diversity of bathtub designs.

Bathroom cabins vary in shapes and are designed according to sizes, whether large or small, and shower cabins are easy to install in small and narrow bathrooms, as well as they can be installed in bathrooms that are not equipped with a bathtub .

The most important features of the shower cabins: The shower cabins are distinguished by stainless accessories such as stainless 304 and high-quality aluminum, which make them sealed and prevent water from escaping.

It maintains the temperature inside, which makes it warm during the shower, and it also helps to reduce the splashing of water during the shower.

It helps to get rid of excess weight because it traps the steam from the shower, which is used as a steam bath. Bathroom cabins are not expensive at all, the prices are affordable for everyone.

add a stylish modern touch to the bathroom; Which makes the bathroom a beautiful place that brings comfort and relaxation.

It saves large areas in the bathroom where it can be used instead of the bathtub, as the shower glass does not take up space.

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