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Glass Facades

Glass facades give the facade of the building sophistication and beauty, and it is distinguished by its quality and resistance to various environmental factors.

Shower Cabins

Shower cabins are used in many bathrooms, as they give the bathroom privacy, and add a wonderful aesthetic appearance to the place,


Spider Facades

Our Spider Facade provides a unique and eye-catching look for any building exterior. The design features glass panels stacked on top of each other to create a web-like effect, allowing for more natural light and a bigger view of the outdoors. The panels come in a variety of finishes and sizes, making this product perfect for any construction project. The durable and lightweight construction ensures a long-lasting and safe installation. With our Spider Facade, you can make sure your building stands out from the rest

Handrail Glass

Handrail glass is an art that adds elegance and luxury and is considered one of the latest trends in the field of decoration. There are several types of glass handrail, with stainless steel handles, aluminum and without handles

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Folding Glass

Folding glass folds one after the other in one side, by pulling on both sides to provide a space for a larger view 


Decorative wall mirrors add luxury and elegance to the place in addition to its main function and make your home look modern with an aesthetic touch

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Curtin Glass

The Curtin glass was installed on aluminum sectors with various types of glass and aluminum sectors according to the engineering specification for the work of the required facades

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