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Handrail made of tempered glass with one layer or several layers of glass and triplex with stainless steel or aluminum handles.

Glass handrails are installed for external and internal walls and balconies, or on internal or external stairs; In order to give a wonderful aesthetic appearance, it is installed by several ways that fit the place, whether by installing it next to the stairs or above the stairs or by burying the side of the stairs.

 Glass handrails made of stainless steel strips and attractive colors according to the customer's request, and they are assembled together using very high quality and efficient accessories; Which gives the balustrade a wonderful aesthetic shape and appearance, and the balustrade relies on tempered glass because it has a large number of advantages; Like beauty, strength and ease of maintenance, it can also be painted on and the glass handrail can be made of glass without any frames or stainless steel frame based on the request of each customer to achieve an aesthetic touch.

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