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                                                           GLASS FACADE

Yassin Glass company is distinguished by the Installing of glass facades In Egypt with a large number of advantages, the most important of which are Yassin Glass have the most efficient engineers with great experience in designing facades with very high professionalism, and technicians specializing in the installation of facade glass.

The speed of the company's response to customers, as soon as you call, the company sends a representative to inspect the place and take measurements to carry out the required work The company is installing glass facades for homes, apartments, villas, palaces, factories, pharmacies, commercial centers,  malls, hotels, offices, shops, real estate, buildings, banks with various glass doors, including photocell and hinge with self-closing machine and sliding doors. The company implements the spider glass system for facades, which is one of the most successful methods for designing elevated facades.

The spider system is used in commercial centers, hotel complexes and industrial production lines, which achieves a unique aesthetic effect that cannot be provided by any other technology for external design and the highest levels of safety, as these glass facades are installed according to this technology without special requirements for loading rules.

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