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  • Where can you find us
    Our office location is in 10th of Ramadan and you can follow us on social media
  • What types of glass we work in
    We work with different kinds of tempered glass like (1) Flat tempered glass (2) Curved tempered glass (3) Double tempered glass (triplex)
  • Is tempered glass safe
    Tempered glass is a technology that is designed to fail safely It rupture into small, fragmented pieces, and not into larger shards if shattered.
  • Why to choose Yassin glass
    We have one of the most well trained technicians in the country with the management of very experienced engineer with more than 25 years in this industry field
  • Our mission in Yassin Glass
    We in Yassin Glass our priority is the quality of our products and delivering a top notch design for our glass and decorations and we can guarantee that our work will satisfy your needs and your quality standards and we give our customers warranties against any manufacturing defects
  • What is our company previous work
    We worked with so many important clients in Egypt and here is a list with our most important clients
  • What is Yassin glass
    Yassin glass is a tempered glass installation company and was established by Engineer Mahmoud Yassin in 2005 and we specialized in 10mm and 12mm tempered glass and the glass facades, glass stairs, shower cabins, etc
  • What differentiate us from other companies
    We have one of the best installing teams in the industry and we guarantee to our clients the best quality in the market
  • How to contact us
    you can reach us by phone or mail Our phone number : 01098994460 ‘ 01060908907 Our Email :
  • When did the company established
    The company established in 2005 by Eng. Mahmoud Yassin
  • Is there a guarantee to the glass
    No there is no guarantee to the glass also we guarantee the safety of the glass during the period of installation and any problems happens on site is our responsibility
  • How we set the price of the project
    We set the price based on many factors (1) based on the size of the project (2) the location of the project (3) the size glass (4) the kind of the glass
  • Do you design the project before we start installing it
    We design a 2d design for the project and we show it to the client before we manufacture the glass and the send the designs to the factory
  • Can we cut tempered glass after manufacturing it
    No we can't cut tempered glass after manufacturing it
  • What is tempered glass
    Four times stronger than annealed glass, tempered glass is created by heating the glass to over 1000 degrees F, then rapidly cooling to lock the glass surface in a state of compression and the core in a state of tension. Tempered glass is considered safety glass because when broken, the fragments are smaller and less sharp than other kinds of glass. BG Glass suggests this kind of glass for table tops that do not sit on a solid surface.
  • Can we make any modifications to the glass after installing it
    No we Can't make any modifications to the glass after installing it
  • Can we cut tempered glass after manufacturing it
    No we can't cut tempered glass after manufacturing it
  • Is there a guarantee to the glass hardware
    Yes we guarantee our glass hardware for 6 months after installation
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